Some nice words

Our clients say nice things about us. Here’s some of the things they’ve said.

The Jellypepper team were tightly coordinated and key in our journey from stealth to launch. They excelled at embedding themselves in the team and creating a tight feedback loop, which helped push the new design ethos throughout the company.

Federico Collarte

CEO and Founder of Baraja

We really love the new site and branding. I think it will look more sophisticated and very alive... I definitely love the fresh vibe from that greenery. Looking great!! Well done.

Gaby Howard

CEO of Flaunter

Jellypepper do amazing design - the work speaks for itself. What we really appreciated was how seamlessly they integrated with our team to crystallise ideas and then bring them to life.

Cameron Ferris

Chief Operating Officer at Inventia

The experience of working with Jellypepper is always pleasant. They understood our needs and were able to translate complex concept into visually stunning end-products. The team is always very organised, trustworthy and efficient. I could not recommend them more.

Angie Tjandra

Product Engineer at Inventia

Working with Jellypepper on multiple projects and having such a tight collaboration with them always led to fantastic results. It’s great to work with an agency that doesn’t feel like an agency. We were all one team working on a product together from start to finish.

Sören Balko

Co-Founder and CTO of Clipchamp

The Jellypepper team’s genuine enthusiasm for our technology has not wavered in the time that Baraja has partnered with them. They know our brand inside-out and have our best interests at hand. They have become a true extension of our Marketing team and we look forward to continuing our fruitful partnership.

Doris Jeremine Busse

Marketing & Events Manager at Baraja

Collaborating with the Jellypepper team was a real pleasure. They quickly understood our direction and helped us bring our product to life with with an awesome product launch video!

Marc-Antoine Roy

Digital Designer at Canva

The new designs are more consistent... more true to who we are as a company. Very fresh, light and easy to deal with. So exciting seeing the design for the new app go live. Great work!

Elizabeth Obee

Head of Marketing at Brighte

Thanks for all your hard work! We’re all so chuffed here at Siesta HQ. You’ve done a stellar job. 👏 Appreciate it.

Loyd Rozzo

Owner of Siesta Campers

Really appreciate all your hard work on it. I’m super happy with the result! We are all stoked.

Jonathan Peacock

Founder of Zibbet

Jellypepper did such an amazing job on our project. It was a pleasure working with such as professional and efficient team to figure out what we were after... and creating a visual direction for the new logo and brand.

Rui Rodrigues

Managing Partner at Tank Stream Ventures

Thank you for your continued efforts and it's been great working together on this. Hopefully not a goodbye, but a see you later.

Michal Grupa

Marketing Manager at Siesta Campers

We're singing your praises — appreciate all your hard work. More than happy with what we've been shown. Thanks so much for your help on this and for a great job.

Mark Jones

Product Manager at Zibbet

The Jellypepper team produced high quality designs and a fresh new user experience across all marketing and application pages which we cannot wait to bring to life for our users.

Matthew Sayer

Growth Marketing and Operations Manager at Ribit

The talented team at Jellypepper were able to absorb our initial creative concept and transform our ideas into a digital reality. From designing illustrative assets to intentionally framed animations, Hayden and his team were able to showcase our unique company culture whilst visually bringing our product offering to life. We highly recommend Jellypepper and look forward to working together again in the future.

Anisa Edwards

Digital Project Manager at Grow

Excellent work by you and the team — thanks for getting this out of the door! The solution looks fantastic and leaps better than the previous. Again thanks for the work you and the team did. Everyone here is very happy with the outcome 👏

Alastair Walsh

User Acquisition Manager at Shippit

I've worked with the Jellypepper team twice - they are both super talented designers and capable front-end developers. Either skillset is hard to find. Together, they are incredibly rare!

Kaushik Sen

Chief Marketing Officer at Upguard

The pitch deck and website looks great! It is a major milestone and we will use this to pitch some major new investors this week. I am very excited, thank you again!

Matthew Sweeney

CEO and Co-Founder of Flirtey

This work is really nice!! Honestly, looks great - really appreciate the hard and quick work. This is working out very well! All of the work you've done is awesome.

Peter Finlan

UX Lead at Google

Really appreciate your help on this one. I hope this excites you as much as it does me! Feel like we are now finding our range which is good.

James Carrick

Digital Manager at Futrli

Jellypepper adds a lens of UX design understanding that's worth every cent - we'll be back for more.

Alex Lofts

Founder and CEO of Pursuited