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Advancing Bitcoin A 2-day cryptocurrency conference in London

Leon, from our previous project Lightswap, approached us about a new venture he was planning: a 2-day conference in the heart of London where developers can listen to, learn from and be inspired by the latest technical developments in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

He just needed a bit of help creating a brand and marketing collateral for the conference. Over the course of two weeks, we worked with Leon to brand the conference with a new logo as well as designs for tickets, roller banners, flyers and a massive backdrop for photography.

Hey buddy, I want to design an awesome conference pass for our guests (plus some other collateral) and was wondering if you the capacity to design something by January?
Hey mate, yeah not a problem. Let's jump on a call and I'll assemble the squad.
Nice one! Can't wait.

We started off with the logo. We drew inspiration from our previous work with him on Lightswap, combined with a "B" for bitcoin and the styleguide of dark purples and light salmon oranges that had already been defined through the website. The digital and brand font is Suisse International by Swiss Typefaces - an incredibly versatile font with 55 styles over 6 packages and support for Cyrillic and Arabic alphabets.

Now for the collateral. First up was the ticket - the front is a simple, elegant layout with custom bezier curves which shows the person's name and Twitter handle (who doesn't like more followers?) and space to punch a hole for a lanyard at the top. The tickets were then printed on thick, laminated DL-Flyer size paper to give it extra weight and feeling... something guests could take home with them.

We designed the back of the ticket in "Incognito Mode", with a symbol inspired by Chrome's infamous incognito man mixed with the fsociety symbol from Mr Robot. The idea being that anyone who doesn't want to be photographed or recorded can simply turn their pass around and show the photographer. Neat, right?

Next up were the roller banners. Pretty straightforward, they just needed to show the conference name and key sponsor. We used the same sweeping design from the tickets and made the top half darker than the bottom so it drew attention more easily in photos.

The flyers were interesting as they also doubled as the conference agenda. On the front, we had the standard logo and conference name on the consistent sweeping curves that had come to define the print styleguide. On the back was the 2-day agenda with everything from registration to after-conference drinks, making it a super-easy way to stay organised.

Last (but definitely not least) we designed the backdrop, a series of repeating logomarks (with the conference name) to form a background for more formal event photography. The alternating colours give it the backdrop a sense of variety and excitement.

Jellypepper got things done at such short notice - really appreciate that. We had attendees fly in from Australia, New Zealand, Canada the US and Europe which is nuts! The conference was a big hit and everyone loved the ticket designs

Leon Johnson, Organiser of Advancing Bitcoin