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Brighte Access to an energy efficient future for all

Brighte is a payments platform that makes the latest energy innovations more accessible by removing upfront costs. Their end-to-end solution provides the guidance, tools, and financing you need to make your energy efficient home a reality. They offer vendors a point-of-sale tool to help increase sales and homeowners / small businesses an interest-free payment plan which enables them to buy what they need today and pay over time.

The startup had made huge waves recently, raising $18.5m Series B round from Airtree Ventures and Scott Farquar, securing a $20m funding facility from NAB, featuring at Sunrise Island and getting backed by both Atlassian founders. Not to mention, the CEO has been named Australia’s outstanding FinTech leader of 2018! Not a bad year indeed.

Katherine and Daniel from Brighte reached out to us with the goal of redesigning their website and designing their new consumer app for homeowners.

Hi Hayden, would be keen to meet you and share Brighte’s story. We have a consumer app we are launching this year... would love your help with it!
Hey Katherine, absolutely! I'm all in for sustainable energy. Let's grab a coffee and talk about it.
Great! We do enjoy leaving the city and coming out to Surry Hills 🙂

Brighte offers its interest-free plans through accredited vendors and merchants, with on-the-spot credit applications that give you an outcome in nine seconds. While they started off as vendor-first (offering interest-free payment plans to vendors who can make them available to customers), the goal of this project was to start an adjacent customer-focused model, offering simple pre-approval and quotes direct to the homeowner and providing qualified leads to vendors through an ongoing relationship.

With over 5000 consumers and 400 top vendors already using the platform, our plan was to make Brighte the easiest way to find and pay for products. So, we teamed up with Daniel Sammut to work on demystifying the concepts of energy, promote corporate social responsibility and design a damn beautiful website and app in the process.

It’s instant finance and it’s all paperless. There are three screens that the vendors hand over to the customer and the customer completes, they submit and they get the credit outcome.

Our first step was to understand the most important people behind Brighte: the homeowners. In order to go customer-first, we have to make a lot of information simple and accessible, such as:

  • Is Brighte a finance option that's suitable for me?
  • How does it work and where can I use it?
  • How do repayments and redrawing work?
  • How can I manage my repayments?

Rather than stuff all this in the fine print, we took the time to craft some user personas... real Australian homeowners with real goals and needs. Although we removed their real names and photos for privacy reasons, we added some that you might like...

Next, we had to create a digital application for the existing Brighte brand. The Brighte team showed us that an existing styleguide was in place, but noted it was half-finished and hard to execute against. The outdated visual and communication elements made it difficult for the marketing team who were thinking ahead of the company's current offerings, but tended to get squared in to a category by consumers based on the public-facing material. They needed a brand styleguide... a playbook for everyone to follow.

We want to change the way Australians power their lives by making the energy efficient technologies of tomorrow affordable today.

So, taking a few key components from the unfinished styleguide like the key primary colours and the swirls, we crafted a brand new colour palette that would give Brighte the flexibility and simplicity of producing content that really vibed with the new brand. We chose colours that were bold and vibrant, but still approachable by homeowners. Overall, the goal was to make the company feel a little bit... brighter.

For the typeface, we went with Guillon - a beautiful, modern Montreal-minded sans serif influenced by the Swiss international style. It seemed to match the new palette and tone of voice, being simple and playful but with an aura of trustworthiness. We used a generous line height to compliment the brand's use of empty space provide an enjoyable reading experience.

Now for the juicy bits. The new app design was our first priority and would influence the new marketing site and photographic direction. We ran a few product roadmap workshops with the Brighte team to determine the top three problems users are currently facing, refine their product vision and create some user personas. We used this research to create 10 key flows based on a user's journey from registration to getting a product installed in their home:

  1. App Onboarding: I'm interested in using Brighte, so I've downloaded the app to browse the marketplace and see what it's all about
  2. Getting Started: I've downloaded the app and I'm ready to get started
  3. Find a Vendor: I'm interested in browsing the marketplace to find a vendor for my home energy solutions
  4. Undertake Research: I want to know more about sustainable energy products so I can make an informed decision about my purchase
  5. Start Application: I want to being my application so I know how much I can borrow
  6. Request Quotes: I want recommended vendors to provide me with quotes
  7. Review Quotes: I want to see all of my quotes in one place so I can easily compare them
  8. Finalise Application: I want to finalise my application so my vendor can complete the job
  9. Job Complete: I want to know when my payment plan will start
  10. Manage Account: I want to manage my account so I can stay on top of my payment plan

With these 10 flows, we created 196 wireframes and created a beautiful, seamless experience.

The new Brighte website is designed for both sides of the marketplace - vendors and homeowners. The goal was to allow these people to arrive on the site and immediately understand what Brighte does, how they're different and how we can help them get started.

The new marketing site is more consistent... more true to who we are as a company. Very fresh, light and easy to deal with.

The great thing about designing a marketing site for companies like Brighte is that the product sells itself. For the Brighte team, it's an opportunity to build something so big... a driving change in how people live their lives and run their homes. For homeowners, that's a life-changing proposition.

One of the key parts of the Brighte website is the repayment calculator. It's a simple way for homeowners to calculate their repayment amounts before investing in a new product. The core functionality was there but it wasn't pleasant to read or use. So, we gave it a facelift to match the rest of the brand!


A new brand isn't complete without photography! We planned a series of photoshoots with real Brighte customers - homeowners and vendors to bring the website and app to life. Since Brighte targets "real Australians", we sought to capture scenes that brings this to life. Accessible... not too aspirational or over stylised and relates to a more mature audience - around 50 years old, suburban or regional Australians with a family, or empty nesters.

Great stuff, thanks team! It was a pleasure seeing the design for the new app go live - looks very smart!

Elizabeth Obee, Head of Marketing at Brighte
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