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How we helped Canva promote a streamlined social media workflow

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  • July, 2018
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The story follows a business owner’s journey from creating a real-life product to visual inspiration and social engagement, all via Canva Schedule. Starting in a casual cafe environment, we build the story to reveal the the benefits, features and the product UI gradually.


Canva is a web-based graphic design tool for non-designers and professionals. Its intuitive drag and drop format, combined with millions of stock assets and resources, make designing beautiful business cards, logos and presentations easy. Marc-Antoine from Canva approached us wanting to create a launch video around their new scheduling feature to showcase how easy it is to create and schedule amazing content for social media.

Hey Hayden, we need help with a product feature video, showcasing actual product UI, but adding transitions and morphing to some elements. It's be awesome if you can help us out?

Sure thing! Send me over a detailed brief then we'll catch up for coffee or something.

Awesome, sounds good!

Our initial conversation with Marc-Antoine

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Canva Schedule Promo


The track we used was Dream Catcher by Gyom - an earthy and flowing, featuring acoustic guitar, foot stomps, and an Indie Folk feel that creates an uplifting mood. You can find it on PremiumBeat if you want to use it for your own project.

Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher


We were provided much of the content by the Canva team, including a storyboard, footage and even style frames! Our task was to weave these resources into a video that will appear on the Canva Schedule landing page and other channels like email marketing, social and SEM.

Collaborating with the Jellypepper team was a real pleasure. They quickly understood our direction and helped us bring our product to life with with an awesome product launch video!

Marc-Antoine RoyDigital Designer at Canva