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Canva Schedule Create and schedule amazing social content

Canva approached us wanting to create a launch video around their new feature - Canva Schedule. The concept was simple — to showcase how easy it is to create and schedule amazing content for social media. The story follows a business owner’s journey from creating a real-life product to visual inspiration and social engagement, all via Canva Schedule. Starting in a casual cafe environment, we build the story to reveal the the benefits, features and the product UI gradually.

Hey Hayden, we need help with a product feature video, showcasing actual product UI, but adding transitions and morphing to some elements. It's be awesome if you can help us out?
Sure thing! Send me over a detailed brief then we'll catch up for coffee or something.
Awesome, sounds good!

Collaborating with the Jellypepper team was a real pleasure. They quickly understood our direction and helped us bring our product to life with with an awesome product launch video!

Marc-Antoine Roy, Digital Designer at Canva