Virtual devices with real-world accuracy

    Corellium is an ARM device virtualization platform, designed to accelerate your development work by breaking down the physical barriers to entry.

    Amanda from Corellium was referred to us from our friends at Baraja. After our first chat, we knew this was a company we were unbelievably keen to work with.

    During this time, Corellium was in an escalating lawsuit with Apple. The week we launched the new site, they ended up beating Apple in the early lawsuit and winning Forbes cybersecurity product of the year.

    Hayden, meet Amanda! Amanda runs Corellium, a company that virtualizes mobile devices. Hayden runs Jellypepper, a digital agency that produces damn fine creative work and I've had the pleasure of working with on several projects.

    Hey Hayden, nice to meet you! We’re after some help with our brand and website. Would love to have a chat if possible.

    Hey Amanda, great to meet you! Awesome, looking forward to chatting 😄

    Epic! This is perfect. Chat next week!

    The Tools to Advance

    Brand Strategy

    After a couple of conversations with the Corellium team, we started with the foundations for a new Brand Strategy including positioning and value propositions for the company's products and verticals. The objective was to build foundations that can support ambitious growth, as well as to grow industry visibility with a powerful brand.

    Brand Strategy

    After digging deep into the Corellium world, it became clear that they were not a typical technology vendor. We discovered a team of relentless pioneers who invent technology daily for the benefit of their community. We defined a clear path for the Corellium brand that’s truly reflective of what goes on behind the scenes and highlights what makes them so fascinating.

    Product Architecture

    It’s important to showcase the extent of Corellium’s offering and capabilities in a structure that’s easy to understand and supports the company’s long-term ambitions.

    What works internally does not necessarily make sense from an external perspective. In this presentation, we explore different ways of presenting what Corellium does. These are first drafts that will need to be refined once we agree on the best approach.

    Indistinguishable from Magic

    Brand Identity

    Art Direction

    After talking to some of Corellium’s users, the one thing that stuck with us was a particular turn of phrase — they liked to say Corellium’s product "feels like magic". We couldn’t shake this feeling that there was something deep there, so we created a moodboard centred around the idea "indistinguishable from magic", a quote from the three laws of science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke.

    Tighten Up

    Rather than completely change the Corellium logo, we worked on a few rounds of concepts that explored varying levels of deviation and changes, focusing specifically on simple typography and shape improvements. The result was a cleaner wordmark and sharper logomark, offering themselves to the slick nature of the new brand.


    We decided to go with Nizar Kazan’s Lausanne as the primary typeface — an extraordinarily sophisticated sans-serif with an ultra-organic aesthetic. It’s supported by ITC Franklin Gothic, the square-jawed and strong-armed typeface designed for a more technical feeling.

    Stroke of Brilliance

    The new Corellium styleguide builds of the core idea of magic, steeped in a series of immersive shades of black. We combine this with the simplicity of pure white, a wide range of greys and a stroke of royal blue. Then, for the times where we pull the rabbit from the hat, bursts of warm and colourful gradients.


    Brand Collateral

    3D Graphics

    We spiced up the visual identity with 3D shapes that conceptualise the technology and make Corellium looks even more cutting-edge. We used the concept of a core within a magical container, which would be spun in and out of existence.


    Because of the complex and pioneering nature of Corellium, we helped find a simple, structured and visual way of talking about the technology and its products.


    Website Copywriting

    What you say is just as important as how you say it. To assist in the copywriting for the new website, we ran a few workshops with Corellium to gain a much deeper understanding of each product. Building off the principles and values in the Brand Strategy, we assisted Corellium in simplifying their messaging and articulating their value to both new hackers and professional enterprise users.

    The Best of Both Worlds

    Website Design

    The Website

    Developers and engineers are blown away by the accuracy and reliability of the Corellium technology. It enables them to work on virtual mobile devices that look and behave the same they would in real life, without needing any hardware and with far better accuracy than emulators. It’s truly groundbreaking stuff and our job was to create a sleek and informative website that would do their new brand justice.

    Signup Flow

    We also revisited Corellium's signup flow, splitting up the form into stages to make it easier to move through, as each step is more digestible and it gives the team a chance to speak a bit more colloquially to their new customer.

    BigCommerce found that testimonials during checkout make it 58% more likely a user will convert. We added a testimonial from one of Corellium's featured users to ease the tension when filling in personal details, showing that someone’s done it before and they were super happy with it.

    Smooth as Silk

    Website Development

    We built and launched a series of web experiences for Corellium, including the waitlist, enterprise signup flow and of course, the new website. These packages were built as part of a Svelte + Typescript based monorepo that sat on top a robust design system.

    Everyone on the Jellypepper team has been an absolute pleasure to work with and has consistently delivered outstanding results. They worked closely and collaboratively with us to understand our product and our goals, and as a result, we always felt that they were completely in sync with us on what we were trying to achieve.

    Amanda Gorton

    CEO of Corellium