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How we helped Flaunter connect your products with the best journalists, bloggers and influencers

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  • August, 2018
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Flaunter is an online SaaS platform that makes it easy for media to talk about your brand more often by connecting your images and products with the best journalists, bloggers, influencers & stylists. Having launched in late 2015 in the Startmate accelerator program, Flaunter now works with some of the world’s largest brands and publishers.

Gaby from Flaunter reached out to us for a complete rebrand, new marketing site and product redesign for their flagship product which helps Brands and PR Agencies connect to big publications.

Hey Hayden, Gaby from Flaunter here. We’re looking to completely rebrand and redesign our product… it’s a massive task!

Hey Gaby, pleasure to meet you! Love the vibe of Flaunter — I think we can do something pretty great together.

Awesome! Let’s organise a coffee and I’ll talk you through all our crazy ideas 😄

Our initial conversation with Gaby


To understand the world of Fashion PR, we headed over to the Flaunter office a couple of times for the initial brand and product workshops; where we talked mission, brand message and product differentiation. Flaunter's vision is to create a better PR experience for brands and content publishers by providing them with a sophisticated digital platform that gives them the tools they need to connect, grow and reach new audiences.

We hosted a few workshops at Flaunter


The direction for the Flaunter new brand identity was focused on clearly and consistently communicating their offering to the target audience and having a defined brand identity for everyone to follow.

Flaunter's mission is to make it easy for brands to reach new audiences by connecting their content with the best storytellers. In order for brands to relate to this and for the message to resonate, we created a bold and sophisticated brand designed to fit within the visual style of the fashion, beauty and interior brands on the platform. It combines the company's clever and stylish personality with its core values of open inclusiveness, people-first and intuitive innovation.

Flaunter Moodboard


We also produced a series of custom single-line illustrations for use across the product and marketing material that deconstructed complex imagery into minimalist art.

Colour Palette

Flaunter's new colour palette is inspired by rich rosé colours and earthy browns, designed for a more feminine appeal and approachable tone that fits well within the fashion industry. The range of secondary colours are designed to convey the state of parcels, with green meaning "returned", maroon meaning "overdue" and yellow meaning "sent".

Ballerina Tears#f3b7af
Impatiens Pink#ffc2b9
Northern Beach#e9d8d1
Bleached Silk#f4f2f2
Pale Lily#f4ebe7
Raisin in the Sun#7a615e
Black Out#222222
Common Feldspar#889093
Shell Pink#f97e7e
Opera Mauve#ba7ba1
Tango Mango#f9c784
Oxford Sausage#dc758f

Brand Identity

Flaunter exists to make the PR experience better for brands and content publishers. So we designed a logo that feels at home on the high-resolution, user-uploaded images that come from the platform, but can also take centre-stage when needed. We teamed up with typographer Dave Foster to produce an elegant new cursive wordmark for Flaunter with flourishes of handwritten typography, giving the brand an approachable and stylish tone.

User Personas

In order for us to understand the goals and challenges of Flaunter's users, we had to understand the people behind the platform. We created a user persona for each type of user on the platform: Brands (large or emerging fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands and the PR agencies who may represent these brands) and Content Publishers (journalists, bloggers, influencers and stylists).

Glen Verrill

Marketing Manager at Country Road

Responsible for strategy, planning, execution and innovation across the company's marketing channels and community partnerships.


Brand growth, help team achieve KPIs, customer response and low touch, high return.


Proving ROI under-resourced, lots of content to manage and managing lots of concurrent media requests.

Glen Verrill

Marketing Manager at Country Road

Responsible for strategy, planning, execution and innovation across the company's marketing channels and community partnerships.


Brand growth, help team achieve KPIs, customer response and low touch, high return.


Proving ROI under-resourced, lots of content to manage and managing lots of concurrent media requests.

Stacey Lee

Showroom Assistant at Golightly PR

Manages and handle sample send outs, performs research and market analysis activities and sends out client media updates.


Maximise relationships, give proof to clients, help clients succeed and streamline processes.


Time consuming image upload, filling in lots of details and chasing up brands for imagery.

Amber Dove

Fashion Writer for Elle

Curates and editing the beauty and fitness section of the magazine; developing and working to style and tone guidelines.


Recognition, creating a profile, saving time and money, finding the perfect images and maintaining quality.


Story deadlines, workload and stress.


Any multi-sided marketplace has a dominant user type - the one you focus on because it generates more traffic, sales or value and typically bring users of other types to the platform. In Flaunter's case, we want users to perceive the company's offering in a particular way. Rather than being an all-in-one sales pitch, Flaunter's homepage is simply a gateway for users to find the landing page that best suits them and educate themselves on Flaunter's product.

Product Design

Flaunter is a massive platform — even stripped down to its core features it took over 3 months and almost 200 InVision screens to conceptualise the end-to-end feature flows: login, signup, onboarding, image and album management, content discovery for media, creating and connecting products, dashboard, racks and samples, publishing showrooms and generating reports.

User Interviews

We also conducted a series of user interviews on Flaunter's behalf to surface issues that their most loyal customers were facing. This helped us surface a lot of underlying challenges that matched up well with our user personas, as well as helping us discover a series of opportunities to create more value.

So, next question: You’ve been using Flaunter for quite a while now, since November. What do you dislike most about using Flaunter?

Moodboarding could be a lot better. Search doesn’t show me a pulse on what’s happening on the market or give me any ideas for EDMs, etc.

I see! This must be pretty problematic when using the platform for inspiration...

Real interview with a Flaunter user

Design System

Flaunter’s new design isn’t just a facelift — we redesigned and rebuilt the Flaunter platform from the ground up with a greatly improved user experience. We assisted Flaunter's engineering team by creating a beautiful, flexible and scalable design system for the product in Vue, complete with all the components they would need to start turning our designs and prototypes into screens.

Flaunter UI


One of the great new features we implemented as part of product strategy was Products - a simple, effective solution to the current logic and performance problems created by “linked images”. In the old Flaunter platform, related images (variants of each other or multiple photographs of the same real-world item) can be connected by “linking” them, creating a one-way relationship wherein image A contains a link to image B. Now, images can be added to a Product where a selected amount of shared information like SKU and Price are shared to each image.

Flaunter Photo Detail

Fully Responsive

The best part of Flaunter's new product design is that it's inherently responsive. Beautifully responsive and designed to fit in your pocket, this means you can take Flaunter with you, wherever you go, and have the same great experience.

We really love the new site and branding. I think it will look more sophisticated and very alive... I definitely love the fresh vibe from that greenery. Looking great!! Well done.

Gaby HowardCEO of Flaunter