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Where brands and media frame their connections.

Flaunter is an online SaaS platform that makes it easy for media to talk about your brand more often by connecting your images and products with the best journalists, bloggers, influencers & stylists. Having launched in late 2015 in the Startmate accelerator program, Flaunter now works with some of the world's largest brands and publishers.

Gaby from Flaunter reached out to us for a complete rebrand, new marketing site and product redesign for their flagship product which helps Brands and PR Agencies connect to big publications.


To understand the world of Fashion PR, we headed over to the Flaunter office a couple of times for the initial brand and product workshops; where we talked mission, brand message and product differentiation. Flaunter's vision is to create a better PR experience for brands and content publishers by providing them with a sophisticated digital platform that gives them the tools they need to connect, grow and reach new audiences.


We created a bold and sophisticated brand designed to fit within the visual style of the fashion, beauty and interior brands on the platform. It combines the company's clever and stylish personality with its core values of open inclusiveness, people-first and intuitive innovation.

We teamed up with typographer Dave Foster to produce an elegant new cursive wordmark for Flaunter with flourishes of handwritten typography, giving the brand an approachable and stylish tone. It's designed to feels at home on the high-resolution, user-uploaded images that come from the platform, but can also take centre-stage when needed.

Flaunter's new colour palette is inspired by rich rosé colours and earthy browns, designed for a more feminine appeal and approachable tone that fits well within the fashion industry. The range of secondary colours are designed to convey the state of parcels, with green meaning "returned", maroon meaning "overdue" and yellow meaning "sent".

This palette is backed up by three key typefaces - the dominant and beautiful serif Canela; the neo-grotesque sans-serif Calibre and the rustic, handwritten Northwell for flair. We also produced a series of custom single-line illustrations for use across the product and marketing material that deconstructed complex imagery into minimalist art.

Welcome Home

Flaunter's homepage is a gateway for users to find the landing page that best suits them and educate themselves on Flaunter's product. Beautifully responsive and designed to fit in your pocket, you can take Flaunter with you, wherever you go, and have the same great experience.

Lean UX

Before jumping into the Product Design, we focused on solving a series of problems identified by the Flaunter team, their customers and our own team. Based on the broad scope of the Flaunter rebrand and redesign project, we decided to adopt a variation of IDEO's Human-Centered Design and Lean UX Design Thinking process. This gave us the ability to do a lot of the thinking and problem solving upfront, defining problems and solutions before getting into the visual side of things.


While there was a series of challenges at a feature-level to tackle, we started by addressing the high-level UX issues.

  • Moving into international market
  • Reducing churn and improving conversion and retention
  • Increase engagement and ability to self-serve
  • Improve product literacy for customers through onboarding
  • Product the team is proud to show of
  • Less frustration and work on the platform's core operations
  • Brand journey reflected in high-quality product
  • Customer “WOW” moment early on

User Research

In order for us to understand the goals and challenges of Flaunter's users, we had to understand the people behind the platform. We created a user persona for each type of user on the platform: Brands (large or emerging fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands and the PR agencies who may represent these brands) and Content Publishers (journalists, bloggers, influencers and stylists).

We also conducted a series of user interviews on Flaunter's behalf to surface issues that their most loyal customers were facing. This helped us surface a lot of underlying challenges that matched up well with our user personas, as well as helping us discover a series of opportunities to create more value. We then synthesised this research into four key epics to focus on.

Style and Substance

Flaunter is a massive platform — even stripped down to its core features it took over 3 months and almost 200 InVision screens to conceptualise the end-to-end feature flows: login, signup, onboarding, image and album management, content discovery for media, creating and connecting products, dashboard, racks and samples, publishing showrooms and generating reports.

Flaunter's new design isn't just a facelift — we redesigned and rebuilt the Flaunter platform from the ground up with a greatly improved user experience. We assisted Flaunter's engineering team by creating a beautiful, flexible and scalable design system for the product in Vue, complete with all the components they would need to start turning our designs and prototypes into screens.


We really love the new site and branding. I think it will look more sophisticated and very alive... I definitely love the fresh vibe from that greenery. Looking great!! Well done.

— Gaby Howard, CEO of Flaunter

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