Accelerating drug discovery with 3D cell biology

    Inventia is an Australian life sciences company dedicated to the development, manufacture and sale of equipment and reagents for advanced medical research assays by means of 3D bioprinting. Their low cost and standardised bio-based additive fabrication of 3D human tissue and organ models aim to transform the medical research sector by enabling the flexible production of 3D cell based assays.

    Cameron from Inventia reached out to Jellypepper for help designing and building their new website and producing some marketing collateral. The new site was to focus on a balance of beauty and function, much like their award-winning Rastrum printer.

    Hi there! We’re looking at redesigning our website for Inventia. We’ve developed unique digital bioprinting technology and would love our site to reflect the passion and knowledge that goes into something like this.

    Hey Cameron, great to meet you! Absolutely, happy to help out and your product sounds incredible! Let’s catch up for a coffee and chat out the details.

    Too easy 🙂 Thanks mate. We’re keen to go ahead and get started - really looking forward to working with you!!

    Designed to Cell

    Brand Identity


    We created a simple logo animation inspired by their printer mechanism to use as an intro and outro on marketing collateral.

    Pinky Promise

    The Inventia colour palette uses a vivid contrast of dark and light colours mixed with Rastrum pink, a colour derived from the printer and inspired by photography of cell cultures. It’s designed to bring cell cultures and spheroid imagery to life, while evoking a sense of simplicity and beauty.

    Face the Fakts

    We paired it with the typeface Faktum - the interplay between clean lines and organic curves reflecting Inventia's minimalist aesthetic combined with the motif of a cell structure.

    The Little Things

    Inventia relies on a balance of photography, video, 3D renders and iconography to convey complex ideas in cell biology. We created a set of custom icons for the new website to visualise the benefits of 3D cell cultures, features of RASTRUM hydrogels and more.


    Automated and pre-validated workflows take away the pain of working in 3D.


    Create 3D cell models an order of magnitude faster than manual methods.


    Ensure unprecedented reproducibility well-to-well, day-to-day and site-to-site.


    The power to create 3D cell models that are not possible with manual methods.


    Tunable kPa to provide physiologically relevant stiffness environment.


    Including the core peptide sequences that mediated integrin binding.


    Rich in the natural extracellular matrix (i.e. laminin and collagen).


    To enable cleavage of the matrix by cell-secreted proteases.


    Place different cell types and matrix components in precise 3D constructs.


    Move confidently to implementing 3D models in your pre-clinical pipeline.


    Screen a range of drugs against an individual patient’s tumour cells in vitro.

    The experience of working with Jellypepper is always pleasant. They understood our needs and were able to translate complex concept into visually stunning end-products. The team is always very organised, trustworthy and efficient. I could not recommend them more.

    Angie Tjandra

    Product Engineer at Inventia

    The Future is 3D

    Website Design

    The new Inventia website is beautiful, responsive and fast. It's built on Gatsby and Prismic which gives it unparalleled load times, and hosted on Netlify with automatic continuous integration and deployment.

    Back to the lab

    Photography and Video

    We also assisted in organising a photoshoot for the new Inventia site. We teamed up with a freelance photographer and videographer to capture a series of photos that showcases the Inventia team and their product. We also captured some footage to produce a looping background hero video for the homepage. In a few simple scenes, it conveys the entire RASTRUM experience from designing structures to printing models and performing downstream analysis.

    Jellypepper do amazing design - the work speaks for itself. What we really appreciated was how seamlessly they integrated with our team to crystallise ideas and then bring them to life.

    Cameron Ferris

    Chief Operating Officer at Inventia