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How we helped Lightswap rethink cryptocurrency trading

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  • August, 2018


Lightswap is a London-based cryptocurrency startup that provides thorough research reports on cryptocurrencies. If you’re into investing in crypto, that means you can stop guessing and start making well-informed decisions. Leon from Lightswap reached out to Jellypepper for help branding and designing a crypto exchange that didn't freak people out... a platform that empowered everyday people to find financial freedom through the use of cryptocurrencies.

Hey Hayden! I'm looking for a team to help me design a logo, styleguide and product for a cryptocurrency exchange that I'm starting in February 2018. Is this something you'd be happy to work on?

Hey mate, absolutely! We're big fans of crypto, so designing an exchange that doesn't make us vomit like btcmarkets sounds fun.

Exciting! Let's set up a call for this week sometime...

Our initial conversation with Leon

Brand Identity

You've probably heard something about this "crypto" thing… all the kids are doing it these days. When cryptocurrencies are bought and sold on exchanges, it's pretty common to trade them for Ethereum (an alternative to Bitcoin) rather than cash. This idea of coins being traded, combined with the popular symbolism of Yin and Yang from Chinese philosophy, created the foundations for the Lightswap logo.

Colour Palette

Green has long been associated with the concept of money. When paper notes were introduced in 1929 in the United States, the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing opted to use green because the colour was highly resistant to chemical and physical changes, which meant longer lasting dye. We selected green as Lightswap's primary colour as a throwback to the traditional system of fiat currency, creating a subtle visual bridge between the old world and new.

January Dawn#dfe1e5
Slipper Satin#c0c3cc
Stand Out#808698
Blue Fantastic#2e394d
Frosty Mint#e2faf2
Clean Green#91e2cb
Mountain Meadow#2dbb8b

Tone of Voice

We speak in a simple and human voice. Have a conversation, be knowledgeable and excited. That’s the Lightswap way. To help achieve this, we crafted the following brand values that tie into our tone of voice principles.

Easily accessible

We believe cryptocurrencies have the power to reshape our collective financial future. That’s why we’re making them easy and accessible, for all.

Humanising technology

We believe that understanding cryptocurrency doesn’t have to be complicated. We’re for making the complex, simple and technology, human.

Safe & secure

We’re serious about security. We ensure our customers information and funds are always safe.


Lightswap uses a single typeface: Post Grotesk, a sans serif typeface with an approachable and friendly tone. It’s simple, refined characters with generous line height makes it beautifully readable at small and large scales.

Lightswap Typography

Lightswap Posters

Product Design & Strategy

Lightswap is designed for beginner and intermediate crypto investors. Research shows they are typically men between the ages of 20 to 45 years old, so we opted to design everyone else — people who regularly use technology, but aren't techies, developers or experienced financial traders.

The crypto market is currently developer-led... hard to navigate and understand. There's a great opportunity for us to bring crypto trading to new audiences and push the industry forward. We need to humanise crypto currency.


Lightswap relies on illustrations to breathe life into a typically dry and complex industry. The goal was to create a series of illustrations that made the brand and website feel more friendly and casual.

Core Team

The most notable 8 people working on the coin.


User / developer popularity, development and social channels.


Coin’s plans for the next year, divided into four quarters.


Competitors and rival coins and discussion of the sector.

Risk of Manipulation

Market cap, volume in circulation and daily trading volume.


News about the coin aggregated from global sources.

Financial Metrics

Market share, volatility index, price performance and growth.

Crypto investors understand there's big money to be made in trading, but know that it's complex to understand and navigate the potential security risks.

User Journey

Crypto investors currently face a lack of trust in the existing exchanges — knowledge is a huge barrier to entry for aspiring traders. our focus was designing a beautiful exchange that is secure and trustworthy, so users can feel comfortable and confident when making trades. We would back this up with guidance and education on crypto, accessible through a simple and easy to use reports section.

Optimal user journey through the Lightswap exchange

Optimal user journey through the Lightswap exchange


The marketing site didn’t just need to capture emails for the upcoming launch — it had to show that Lightswap is a platform run by real people, here to support and guide them.

Jellypepper understood my brief, customer base and goals better than any other design agency. They explained their design process and kept me informed every step of the way. I love the way the entire process was managed and the final work delivered exceeded my expectations.

Leon JohnsonFounder of Lightswap