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Lightswap The easiest way to buy, sell and learn crypto

Lightswap is a London-based cryptocurrency company... the "Motley Fool of cryptocurrency". They provide thorough, quantitative research reports on a number of cryptocurrencies so investors can stop guessing and start making well-informed decisions.

Leon from Lightswap reached out to us to brand and design a cryptocurrency exchange and education platform that didn't freak people out... a platform that democratised cryptocurrency and empowered people with financial freedom through the use of cryptocurrencies.

Hey Hayden! I'm looking for a team to help me design a logo, styleguide and product for a cryptocurrency exchange that I'm starting in February 2018. Is this something you'd be happy to work on?
Hey mate, absolutely! We're big fans of crypto, so designing an exchange that doesn't make us vomit like btcmarkets sounds fun.
Exciting! Let's set up a call for this week sometime...

We started off with the logo - a dynamic representation of the exchange itself. Bitcoin (₿) is the most well-known form of cryptocurrency (decentralized digital currency). However, there are thousands of other cryptocurrencies - many of them more popular than Bitcoin, having built off its success and generally consider themselves better substitutes for cryptographic reasons. These other cryptocurrencies are known as "Altcoins" (alternative coin).

When altcoins are bought and sold on exchanges, it's common practice to trade these altcoins for Ethereum - an altcoin itself, however it was selected over Bitcoin as the defacto trading coin of ICOs and altcoins based on a number of advantages, such as a Merkle Patricia Tree data structure, being Turing-complete and use of GHOST protocol...

Anyway, simply put: the Lightswap logo is a combination of the Chinese yin and yang (design and technology) and two coins being traded.

Lightswap's mission is to make trading cryptocurrencies easier, cheaper and accessible for more people... to create a world where people gain financial freedom, through the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency, streamlined processes and an easy-to-understand knowledge base. So, we teamed up with Daniel Sammut to design a crypto brand that's actually approachable and a product that makes it easy for everyday people to buy, sell and learn about cryptocurrencies.

We know that there's money to be made in crypto, but it's complex to both navigate and understand. There's all sorts of potential risks and massive fluctuations in value don't help public appeal either. But we believe in crypto and it's potential impact on the future of finance, so we need to support and guide people through this.

The colour green has long been correlated with the idea of wealth and money. When paper notes were introduced in 1929, the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing opted to use green ink because the colour was relatively high in its resistance to chemical and physical changes, which meant long-lasting dye. We selected green as the primary colour for Lightswap's brand as a throwback to the traditional system of fiat currency, creating a bridge between the old world and the new.

We selected Post Grotesk as the primary typeface for Lightswap. Josh Finklea began work on Post Grotesk in 2011 with the goal of designing a contemporary version of the traditional grotesk sans-serif for his own use. The intention was to build an amiable typeface with maximum usability and an overall sense of neutrality... sound familiar? We found the underlying goals of Post Grotesk aligned well with the concept of cryptocurrency in finance.

Lightswap's new brand relies heavily on illustrations to make complex concepts approachable. As part of the brand direction, we wanted to create a series of illustrations that make the brand and website friendly. We teamed up with a European illustrator to create a five initial hero illustrations to be used on the marketing website.

Lightswap is for beginner and intermediate cryptocurrency investors and traders. Research shows they are typically men between the ages of 20-45 years old, but we opted to design for everyone. They have an understanding of and regularly use technology, but they aren’t developers or experienced financial traders. Initially, Lightswap will be targeting UK and European markets.

The market is currently developer led and it’s hard to navigate and understand. There is a great opportunity to expose cryptocurrency trading to new audiences and push the whole industry forward. We’ll achieve this by Humanising Cryptocurrency.

These users care about ensuring their funds are safe, feeling comfortable and confident when making trades and access to a variety of different coins. We needed to make them feel like they aren’t doing this on their own - there's someone always around for help and support.

Cryptocurrency investors currently face a lack of trust in the current exchanges and knowledge as a barrier to entry. We found that they need a stable, secure and trustworthy exchange... with guidance and education on all things crypto though an easy to use and understand platform.

These users believe there’s big money to be made in cryptocurrency trading, but understand that cryptocurrency is complex to understand and navigate and the potential security risks. That's why we needed to show that Lightswap is a trustworthy business run by real people, here to support and guide them. Crypto is easier than you think, because Lightswap makes it easy for you.

Jellypepper understood my brief, customer base and goals better than any other design studio. They explained their design process and kept me informed at every step of the way. I am really pleased with the way the entire process was managed and the final work delivered exceeded my expectations.

Leon Johnson, Founder of Lightswap