Case Study - Siesta Campers

Fuelling your desire to roam.

Siesta Campers is a leading campervan hire company in Portugal offering a range of iconic VW campervans spanning from the 1970s to the present day, each with a unique personality of their own.

Tom (our Visual Designer) introduced us to Loyd from Siesta Campers with the goal of designing and building a simple, intuitive and sunny booking experience to transport you to the warmth of the Portuguese coast.

Portugal. The Van

The goal for Siesta Campers was to design and build a site that highlighted the team's unique experience - over 20 years of open-road travel, restoring some of the most expensive vintage VW's money can buy and assembling high-tech VW transporters for Portuguese holidays.

From Portugal with Love

The website's design is rich and clean with a respectful nod to the rich cultural history of the original VW Campervan. We brought it to life with absolutely stunning original photography captured by the Siesta Campers team and the Instagram influencers taking their vans out for a spin.

We chose a bold Recoleta as the primary typeface - a serif designed by Jorge Cisterna and published through Latinotype in 2018 which fondly recalls the soft, warm serifs popular during the 1970s - to highlight Siesta Campers' inviting personality while underlining the romanticism of open-road travel.

The colour palette is warm and soft, with notable choices such as Alice Blue and Papaya Whip that accentuate the natural textures of earth, water and sky found in photography around the site, such as the cosmopolitan capital of Portugal - Lisbon.

Built for Roaming

The new Siesta Campers site is more complex than it lets on. It's built on Next.js, as well as a custom commerce and logistics back-end and augmented with Prismic (our headless CMS of choice). It's fully internationalised in five languages and built on top of a robust design system, meaning it's built to scale effectively. It's also fully responsive - go on, give it a try!


Thanks for all your hard work! We're all so chuffed here at Siesta HQ. You've done a stellar job. 👏 Appreciate it.

— Loyd Rozzo, Owner of Siesta Campers

Thank you for your continued efforts and it's been great working together on this. Hopefully not a goodbye, but a see you later.

— Michal Grupa, Marketing Manager at Siesta Campers

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