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Zibbet Helping creative entrepreneurs sell more

For the last decade, Zibbet has been working hard to build useful tools that help creative entrepreneurs sell more. Their journey started in 2009 when they launched the Zibbet Marketplace - a marketplace for handmade goods powered by a global community of independent artists, crafters and vintage collectors. It's a place where you can buy the most amazing, unique and inspiring products that can't be found anywhere else. Today however, they're working on something new.

The new Zibbet is a sales management platform for creative entrepreneurs — artists, makers and craftspeople alike. The goal is to provide creative entrepreneurs with more exposure, awareness and sales by offering a convenient, effective distribution through multiple sales channels, a synchronised inventory management system and simple accounting.

Hi Hayden! We're on the hunt to find a team to help us with our new blog, product design and design system. It's a bit of a handful!
Hey Jono, nice to meet you! Sounds like fun, let's catch up for coffee next week and you can run me through it.
Awesome mate, keen to explore what we can do together.

Zibbet's vision is to be the #1 household name for creative entrepreneurs wanting to sell online... their mission is to help out customers achieve their definition of success, empower them to succeed and save them more time so they can spend it what they love. The marketplace and new platform exists to give creative people an outlet, an escape from their 9 to 5 to do what they love. Real creatives often get lost in the noise of outsourcing and mass manufacturing, ignored in a saturated market. But for hobbyists and entrepreneurs, Zibbet lets you make your own journey.

Retailers who sell on two marketplaces see 190% more in revenue than those who only sell only on a single marketplace - Stitch Labs (2017)

First up: the brand. The original Zibbet logo was designed with “handmade” in mind — the mark bearing semblance to an origami swan and the wordmark purely handwritten. This logo and wordmark have become highly recognisable within the arts / crafts industry.

The new Zibbet wordmark has a simplified architecture — from the original four layers to a single outline of formal cursive, with emphasis on the clarity around the “e”, the curves of the “b”s and the cursive nature of the “z” and “t”. The revision of the swan was to create a cleaner, simpler and more balanced shape. We cut down on the number of angles and enhanced the form in areas such as the wing, for increased readability at smaller sizes. The new logo mark focuses on consistency and coherence around block weights and angles — its increased geometrical precision lending an aura of reliability and trust.

The new colour palette is well-balanced and saturated, giving a sense of vibrancy. The colours are warm and friendly, but not quite pastel-y... kind of like an almond chai latte. Tasty, but not overly sweet. For typography, we chose Tiempos Headline by Klim Type Foundry for the heading font. Tiempos was initiated as an optimisation of Galaxie Copernicus for a Spanish newspaper redesign. Although it began as an offshoot of Galaxie Copernicus, Tiempos evolved far enough that it became its own standalone family. In the case of Zibbet, it seems to add a feeling of creative flair and helps avoid the stale all-sans cliche of the modern web application. We selected Proxima Soft for the body typeface for its playful rounded nature and throwback to the original Zibbet product typeface.

The next order of business was designing the new product. We wanted to create an inventory management platform that was affordable, focused on marketplace integration over social sales and helped Zibbet customers grow their audience and giving them all the tools they need to scale up their dream business.

We want to help our customers live their best life, do what they love and and making some money on the side. Independent creatives tend to be ignored in a saturated market of mass manufacturing. We want to make creativity sustainable and champion the success of the individual.

We started off from a component level to create a design system, setting the Zibbet team up to move faster as they build up their design and engineering teams. The quality of the design system would dictate how effective the new teams can be in designing and developing, so we were going to invest in the foundations and make each component look and feel awesome.

Zibbet's mission is to help creative entrepreneurs sell more, which formed the basis of their original marketplace. But managing multiple sales channels is a nightmare when you think about having to sync up sales, orders and returns across multiple platforms that don't talk to each other. It's time-consuming, frustrating and exhausting. That's why Zibbet pivoted to an aggregate inventory management system which combines synchronised sales channels with national / international shipping. The idea is that you can just make what you love and let Zibbet handle the hard stuff, everything from inventory to order fulfilment.

The new Zibbet dashboard provides a high-level overview of your productivity as a creator. You can quickly see your pending orders, recent sales and monthly revenue, as well as get some tailored tips direct from the Zibbet team on how to sell more. Plus, you get to learn how to say "hello" in every language... what's not to love?

We also had the chance to work with power couple Andrew and Ashlee McKay to design the new blog and marketing site. They're both rich with beautiful, textured illustrations that convey the power of Zibbet in the hands of a creative entrepreneur. While the marketing site has more vibrant colours and focuses on product literacy and conversion, the blog takes on a more "arts and crafts" vibe and focuses on education through courses, blogs and tools.

Really appreciate all your hard work on it. I’m super happy with the result! We are all stoked.

Jonathan Peacock, Founder of Zibbet
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