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Hi there! We're Jellypepper — an award-winning digital agency for bright ideas — a small team of designers, developers and thinkers who are excited to help you bring your idea to life. Here's what we're all about...

We make things easy, even when they're complex. Creative work can be as bumpy as it is rewarding, so we spent years crafting a lean, no-nonsense approach to our work and developing the right tools to make solving problems an enjoyable experience.

We look for the bright side in everything. We like working with positive folks and taking an optimistic approach to problems. We keep an open mind, drive to do the right thing and push boundaries as far as we can to make our solutions as good as they can be.

Born in Sydney, based everywhere. Jellypepper is remote work at its best. Our distributed model means we can work with talent from around the world and still maintain an amazing culture. It also means we can be extremely efficient and focus on what matters.

Awards & Recognition

We like producing beautiful things and sometimes we win awards for them. Here are some of those awards.

Honors 8 from AwwwardsMobile Excellence 5 from AwwwardsMobile Site of the Week 1 from AwwwardsSpecial Kudos 14 from CSS Design AwardsUX Design 14 from CSS Design AwardsUI Design 14 from CSS Design AwardsInnovation 14 from CSS Design AwardsSite of the Day 6 from Mindsparkle MagFeatured 7 from FWAFeatured 1 from MaxiBestOf

Our culture - Balance your passion with your passion for life.

We are a group of like-minded people who share the same core values.

  • Proof over promise. We don't do outbound and we don't have a sales team. We're no-nonsense and we like to prove things rather than talk about it.
  • Never settle for less. We have high standards, we think things through and strive to deliver a balance between beauty and substance to make something truly preem.
  • Invest wholeheartedly. We only work on ideas that we believe in, meaning we genuinely care about our projects and always have our clients' interests at heart.

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