Save lives and deliver anything instantly with drones

How we helped Flirtey take flight and raise $16M

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  • May, 2019
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We started working with Flirtey back in 2013 when they were still part of the Startmate accelerator program. Since then, Flirtey have raised $16.2M, moved their headquarters to Reno, Nevada and have partnered with 7/11 and Dominos.

We've had the pleasure of working with Flirtey multiple times over the last few years. The first time was to design their initial marketing site, the second to design a pitch deck for one of their upcoming fundraising rounds. The most recent project was to design their new website - the drone company is literally “taking off” globally and needed a new website design to reflect how well they’re going.

Hey Hayden, hope you're well! We just partnered with 7-Eleven for drone delivery of over the counter medicine as well as convenience food items on demand. In light of this, we're hoping to work with your team on a new website, concept app, pitch deck design and a bunch of other things!

Hi Matt, doing pretty well! Congrats on the partnership - huge news! We'd be happy to help you out with all this.

Perfect, thanks Hayden! I'll schedule a call for us later this week.

Our initial conversation with Matt


For the typeface, we decided to go with Nunito - a well balanced sans serif typeface superfamily. Originally designed as a rounded terminal sans serif for display typography, it was later extended to a full set of weights and an accompanying regular non-rounded terminal version.

Flirtey Typography

Colour Palette

We created a simple colour palette for Flirtey that would allow all their teams (marketing, engineering, sales, etc.) to keep on-brand consistently, without having to refer to a 50-page brand styleguide.

Sail Away#51b6e6
Zhēn Zhū Bái Pearl#f7f7fa
Light Slipper Satin#cfd2d6


The Flirtey website is simple, focusing on presenting the company's mission and featuring their press mentions.

Pitch Decks

We worked with Flirtey on their Series A and Series B pitch decks, helping them to raise a total of $16.2M. While we can't show you the decks unfortunately, we did make this neat timeline video that shows the Flirtey story from inception to now.

A timeline of Flirtey

The pitch deck and website looks great! It is a major milestone and we will use this to pitch some major new investors this week. I am very excited, thank you again!

Matthew SweenyCEO and Co-founder of Flirtey